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LAP  is a Relationship characterized by the LAP  OM (Organizing Metaphor)

aka: LAP MO (Modus Operandi)

The  source of the metaphor is a trust exercise known as a "lap circle".  Trust is the currency of social capital, which is the part of human capital that resides in the relationships. Social capital brings the ability of  people to work together for common purposes.

A  group of people come together, shoulder to shoulder, in a circle around the  common good. Everyone turns so that each is watching the backĀ  of the person in  front of them. Everyone sits down together. Each sits on the lap formed behind  them Each forms a lap for the one in front of them The circle self supports.

Every  body has a lap... how  does a community form a lap?

All  the caretakers and caregivers of the community -- business, government,  education, police, health care, voluntary organizations, emergency management,  workforce development, entertainment, old, young, parents, children -- come  together in a self supporting circle of laps to create the community  LAP.

The NRPA LAP Circle in Reno

A LAP is a Relation  Ship

A  VESSEL FOR EXPLORATION on the  e-mergent C's

Conversation,  Community, Creativity, Consensus, Collaboration, Commerce, Cooperation,  Communication, Conscillience, Charity, Connection, Care-taking, Care-giving,  Covenants

LAP  is an...

Open  Source, Open Space, Open Game, Open Mind, Open Heart

SOS (Social  Operating System)

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