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Full Circle is a Sub Chapter S corporation formed by Max Gail in 1980 to produce content and events related to social and environmental issues. Several award-winning documentaries were created relating to Agent Orange/veterans (Secret Agent), nuclear power (Gentle Angry People), Hopi/Navajo land issues (Wrong Side of the Fence), and the relationship of traditional Native American cultural concepts to the modern world (For All My Relations).

Full Circle also facilitated the production and distribution of several respected Native American recording and visual artists, as well as a number of consciousness/fund raising events.

Full Circle enjoys a reputation for sincerity and integrity in the world of environmental activists.

LAP is an organizing concept for communities to develop a useful on-line/interactive venue in a way that can facilitate the creation of content for as well as access to the information age. It is designed to provide a way for all stake holders—for profit and non profit, big and small, public and private-- to come together in complementary ways.

The brand name value of LAP will remain with SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs). SEE is designed as an umbrella 501-c3 formed to support appropriate community activism.

The value for Full Circle and other enterprises comes from using core competencies to fulfill the social covenant and co operatively create the cause related marketplace by increasing the number of users and uses of information and communications tools-- in a way that supports complementary relationships and facilitates supplier/customer relationships in the context of sustainable community and a livable future.

Max Gail, perhaps best known as an actor (and director) in the Barney Miller TV series, has a degree in economics from Williams College and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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