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Lifeguards in the (LAP) Talent Pool

This is a partial list people who have agreed to participate creatively in “Running LAPs” as “Life Guards in  the Talent Pool" of dancers, musicians, poets, actors and artists as well as storytellers, picture takers,  directors and others, young and old, in the community of the First LAP and beyond.

The actual list keeps growing and includes writers, directors, camera and lighting persons, makeup, wardrobe, production, consultants, teachers...


Reiny Weege-creator-Night Court

Craig Nelson                   Edward James Olmos

Robert Urich                                       Emelio Esteves

John Savage                                            Ed Begley Jr

Linda Hamilton                                                         Ed Asner

Sam Elliot                         Floyd Westerman

Vincent D’Onofrio                    A Martinez

Peter Block                    Stacey Keach

Casey Hughes


Enter the LAP Talent Pool!

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