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Local Access Philosophy

Local Access Places

Local Access Programs

Local Access Portals

Local Access Purpose


And the Local Access Principles Including…

Learn At Play

Love And Peace

Life And People

Laughter And Passion

Lens, Aperture, Perspective

Language And Process

Looking At Possibilities

Leveraging All Participation

Linking Alternative Paradigms

Literacy, Artistry, Poetry

Leadership, Apprenticeship, Partnership

Legality, Accountability, Pro-activity


Being created by…Local Access Participants:

Local Access Pathfinders

Local Access Patrons

Local Access Partners

Local Access Pilots     

Local Access Philanthropists



Local Access Policies and Local Access Protocals



LAP Apps: any application of any aspect of LAP

LAP Caps: the roles we play in LAP

LAP Gaps: connections not yet made

LAP Haps: what's goin' on at the moment

LAP Maps: of resources and relationships

LAP Snaps: closing Gaps (as in synapse)

LAP Zaps: energy flowing from connection to  LAP

No one owns it

Every one can use it

Any one can improve it

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