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Local Access Place


A Local Access Place is a friendly place in a park, school, library, mall, training or community center. Open to children, youth, families, and adults of all ages. Dedicated to community and connection. Providing local access to the World Wide Web, learning games, personality and talent assessments, local to global networking, teleconferencing, scheduling of community events, net-work shops, employment opportunities and training. And sustaining both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises.

  • Each LAP would provide support, encouragement, and education to anyone at any level of computer proficiency.
  • Each LAP would be a facilitation center for networking meetings, community activities, and lively conversation -- an informal public place dedicated to community and relationship -- open to all.
  • Each LAP provides support to and receives support from all stake holders:

The Locals -

Those children, youth, adult, seniors and families in the area

  • The Workers - The Volunteers, Trainees, and Staff
  • The Landlords-The School, Library, Mall, Community Center, Housing site
  • The Computer Folks - Hardware, Software, On Line Services
  • The Connectors - Phone, Cable, Satellite, IP
  • The Providers - Those with customers and clients in the area
  • The Community - Teachers, Coaches, Businesses, Police, Activists, Citizens
  • The Society - Democracy, Free Enterprise, Environment


Local Access Portals

“No community organization ‘owns’ the responsibility to develop the community technology infrastructure. Individual organizations (schools, hospitals, police, businesses, government, communications, media) are dealing with their own needs. We need a new institution to fill the gap.”

Community Networking Institute

Remember those "connect-the-dots" pictures?

LAP is a way for the dots to connect.'s's's's's

WWW.LAP.ORG is the World Wide Web (or Win Win Win) domain address/page/venue through which LAP “relation ships” can be launched and landed wherever there are LAP SPORES 

(Synergy of People, Organizations, Relationships, and Enterprises).

LAP RELATION SHIPS are vessels for complementary interaction in the co-evolving ecosystem of the information age. A LAP is a vehicle for transformation and exploration on and beyond the information superhighway.

LAPs are tools to help communities INNOVATE

(Involve Neighbors, Networks, Organizations, Volunteers And Technology Effectively)

LAP is a chaordic” enterprise. The word “chaordic” was coined by Dee Hock, founder and CEO Emeritus of Visa International. It is made from the relationship between “chaos” and “order” and refers to any self organizing system in society or nature. Order at the edge of chaos is where learning takes place. A chaord is infinitely durable in purpose and principles, and infinitely malleable in form and function.  The chaordic approach to barriers that block collaborative solutions is to transcend and enfold.

No one owns it

Every one can use it

Any one can improve it

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