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“Purpose has to do with defining the kind of culture we live within, not just with deciding what business we are in or  what goals to pursue.”

Peter Block

STEWARDSHIP-Choosing Service Over Self Interest

The LAP Purpose is to nurture diverse, interwoven sustainable local communities globally by facilitating and modeling the  emergence of computer-empowered, creativity inspiring, consensus building community communication centers and networks.

These centers are  emerging in community centers, schools and libraries, housing projects, college and trade school campuses, training centers, hospitals as well as  public/retail areas such as malls, bookstores, strip malls, and workplaces. The networks integrate all media from broadcast to Internet, local to global.

LAPs can be run in any and all communities, including  reservations, small towns and cities, suburbs and inner-city neighborhoods,  campuses and corporations for the purpose of nurturing and sustaining relationships and community by providing:

  • Access to computers and  communications technologies in order to facilitate learning about them in a  supportive environment for emerging talent.
  • Access to health, learning,  legal, financial, government, mentoring and mutual interest resources at all levels.
  • Access to processes that develop leadership, learning and  collaboration skills.
  • Access to resources and  guidance in developing nonprofit and for profit enterprises for community, educational and environmental good.
  • Access into the communities for  outside commerce, government, health, education and other interested parties.
  • Access to successful strategies developed by other individuals and communities.

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